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by ana silvia lara

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Ana Silvia Lara Best Selling Author

Ana Silvia Lara presents an interactive, applicable and scientifically demonstrable method to live in prosperity through the formula of the cycle and flow of money, (4 audios QR codes for enhance your experience) which works as neural fuel to repair circuits in the neural network system and create: give-money-light towards the state of prosperity.

This book proposes the method to live in prosperity, in an interactive, practical, applicable and demonstrable way, integrating the formula of the cycle and flow of money with the intention that it works as a neural fuel (source of energy or gasoline) and voltage adjusters to calibrate the connection points of neural network systems. Through this neural fuel, you create a new lifestyle, a new state of harmony, which allows you to live in prosperity.


“It is a book that allows you to understand from a clear perspective how money works. Excellent book"


“Ana Silvia invites you to unlearn what you think you know about money and prosperity to see beyond yourself and your environment from another level of consciousness”


“It is a call to observe without judgments and expectations of our own beliefs about money”

Christian Sosa

Why does Ana Silvia Lara write?

She wrote the book “Neuroakashic® the great observer, an advance in neuroscience”, Spanish and English version and co-author of the best seller “Anxiety, stress and depression, summary vol. 5”, author of the best-selling book in Spanish of “Neurons Money, a practical method to live in prosperity”. She has participated in various interviews and conferences internationally on radio, TV and online programs. For more than 15 years, she has managed to impact thousands of people, training practitioners and facilitators, sharing sessions, classes and individual, group and business certifications.



By Ana Silvia Lara

Chapter 1

Money Cycle And Flow Formula

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

Neuronal Contraction

Chapter 4

Neuronal Expansion

Chapter 5

Time Cycles

Chapter 6

Formula Integration

Chapter 1, PREVIEW

The first chapter is an indepth analysis of our beliefs, the way we routinely perceive life and the factors that make it up; It helps us to reflect on points that we simply do not question anymore because we decided to follow a path traced by all those who preceded us; leaving little room for a new view or meaning of things as it is, in this book, money.


The second chapter is an essential part, and can be interpreted as the heart, since it speaks of an essential theme that shapes the whole work. Giving is a concept that can change a person completely, its understanding can enlighten and guide the mind towards a new vision of reality


The third chapter contributes even more, diving into neuronal contraction, described in detail to achieve a quick understanding.


The fourth chapter acts as a perfect complement, as it focuses on neuronal expansion, as well as one of the most intriguing topics that can be addressed: observer acts.


The fifth chapter, on the other hand, can be considered as the entrance to a new general perspective, since the time cycles expose, together with these realities, a path towards the awareness of what exists around us and how to manage it correctly.


Finally, in the sixth chapter an exhaustive inquiry is made about the formula and cycle of money and how it can be applied in different areas of life, especially in business, which is pleasantly useful for all who are willing to learn.

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Ana Silvia Lara

Bestselling author of Neurons Money and creator of the Neuroakashic® system


75406 Stardust Lane, Indian Wells, California 92210, United States


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